Isabel Farnsworth

view porfolio My work explores various subjective states: psychological, emotional, and physical. Pictorial imagery created through drawing, modeling, lifecasting, or other means, are manifest in a wide variety of materials and formats. Landscape and figurative imagery inhabit my sculpture and works-on-paper. Pattern, tactility and repetition become a visual cadence or music, and color plays a vital part. As a maker I am after a felt experience rather than an intellectual or conceptual one, I think of the work as a kind of visual poetics, embued with touch rather than words, and something that feels more like dreams than reality. I am interested in creating work that is intimate, contemplative and accessible to the viewer on a variety of levels.

Austin College Show (Flash)

Review of Palpable, Sensory, Tactile: Sculpture by Isabel Farnsworth and Shannon Hines

At Downtown Gallery, dreamy patterns flow through Isabel Farnsworth's sculptures and prints


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